MIRELMAN DAYA is a Tel Aviv-based consulting & holding firm established by partnering founders Yaron Mirelman and Roy Daya. Mirelman and Daya’s uncommon thinking capabilities, coupled with over 20 years of professional experience, generates brilliant, on-point analysis of complex business environments, as a basis for breakthrough solutions that dramatically enhance performance. MIRELMAN DAYA also specialize in the establishment of creative, outside-the-box business ventures for investors. Naturally, company clients benefit from complete discretion from the initial consultation stages and onwards.

Yaron MirelmanYaron Mirelman, Founding Partner

Yaron is experienced in working with medium and large sized international organizations around the world. Yaron’s expertise lies in analyzing complex operations involving people and processes, in order to find a simple way to execute corporate objectives in less time and with larger profits. Yaron, relies on a diverse professional background that includes marketing, branding, senior management and strategy.

Roy DayaRoy Daya, Founding Partner
Roy specializes in working with companies in a wide array of vertical markets, focusing on narrowing the seam between strategy and technology-driven execution. Utilizing his profound background in technology and business leadership, Roy’s expertise lies in performing in-depth analysis of complex business environments and proposing dramatic optimizations.